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New Durex Ballon Sex Commercial January 16, 2009

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This is bizarre but funny. Good way to sell condoms I suppose.

I’m not sure I’ll put an NSFW tag on this because quite honestly it’s just inflated rubber squeaking against inflated rubber.

I’m sorry but I’m always amazed by people who get offended by even caricatured versions of sex. I don’t understand the hang ups about sex. Consider that pretty much all of us have had sex at least once, or a thousand times.

But then those who get most upset are the ones who spout “If God had meant you to be naked you would have been born that way!”

Imagine, babies popping out of the womb fully dressed. It’d be easy to spot most of the gay male ones since they’d be the most fiercely dressed. Note I said most, I definitely am not a fiercely dressed person. I abhor wearing a suit. Part of that was re-enforced by my cousin during my grandmothers funeral.

I had on the requisite black suit and a nice pale green overcoat. My cousin told me I looked like either a mobster or a lawyer. I’m neither btw even though whenever someone meets me and hears my last name it’s automatically assumed that I’m mobbed up.

I’m not. Never have been either. I chose another path.

But anyway, I just thought my readers would enjoy the video.



1. Christopher - January 16, 2009

Thank you; Thank you; Thank you! This ad was the perfect chuckle to start my Friday off with!


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