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Iranian Students hope for change with Obama Administration January 19, 2009

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This is amazing news to me but I’ve seen various things on the net that indicate the hard liners in Iran are between a rock and a very hard place.

But you can see the effect of the election and coming inauguration is having on the world community. That’s a big change from what we got with the Bush administration which tried to enforce the U.S. view at the point of a gun.

I recall a video I’d seen online some time ago. The title escapes me but a BBC reporter went into Iran and visited various Iranians. What most astounded me was that the Tehran is a modern city. The only other images of Tehran that I’d ever seen were the streets mobbed with protesters.

Sure, there is still an overt religious culture there but consider what the article says. Over 70% of Iran’s population is under 30 years old. They never participated in the 1979 revolution.

What I think saddens me more is that Iran was controlled by first the British, then the U.S. As is the CIA’s recurrent theme, knock down a democratically elected government and install the guy friendly to U.S. policy. We’re seeing this in Iraq an Afghanistan.

Then of course there’s the war that Iran and Iraq fought, remember that? It explains why there aren’t many old people in Iran. And of course the U.S. was neck deep in that one, recall that Saddam Hussein was once a ‘friend’ of the U.S. during the Reagan and Bush 41 administrations and even into Clinton’s administration.

I think maybe the real U.S. policy with regard to the middle east is summed up in “Kill em’ all, let God sort em’ out.” since it’s much easier to extract oil if there is no interference from pesky people.

Perhaps it is time to open diplomatic channels with Iran again.

Another thing I’ve noted is the theoretical discussion of an al Qaeda nuclear weapon detonated in the United States. It still astounds me that people don’t realize that the people who were responsible for the 9/11/01 hijackings were majority Saudi Arabian. Al Qaeda is a Saudi export from Wahabism.

So I noted one poster saying that if they did that, we should wipe Mecca off the face of the earth. I also added we shout hit Medina too. Might as well do the whole thing. I know I’m advocating another Crusade with that attitude but it doesn’t have to come to that.

What if we became energy independent? By all signs that is going to happen whether big energy likes it or not. At that point we stop importing oil from despotic regimes. Dry up the oil supply and the money supply dries up with it.

We cannot win a land or sea combat war with Al Qaeda, but we can win an economic war.


1. Onanite - January 19, 2009

They, the government, has been talking about energy independence since the mid 70’s. When are we going to get off our asses and do something about it?

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