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Republican Senators reject TARP conditions February 7, 2009

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Apparently since these banks are taking government money the theory is that certain government regulations apply. More to the point as a taxpayer I’d say that theory is correct.

But then you get asshat Republicans like Bennet that say:

“It’s a leap, because the executive at the bank is a free agent who can leave the bank and go to work someplace else,” said Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT) of the welfare comparison. “You run the risk of having a brain drain at the bank of their top talent.”

Listen cupcake, I’d love to see a brain drain in the banking industry. Maybe then we could get people that understand that screwing the public and then taking their money again in a bailout program isn’t going to fly anymore.

And what got this whole thing rolling was the proposal to limit bank executive salaries to $500,000.

To be honest, congress is capable of running things if only we didn’t have so much interference from corporate interests. Medicare for all the moaning about it was a fairly efficient system, they had investigators always looking into fraud too. But then Bush & Co. (The & Co. includes Republicans in congress) decided to fuck with it.

The VA Medical system works well too.

So don’t say government can’t run anything effectively, it can. It’s just when greedy corporations get greedy government officials to do their bidding the entire house of cards comes down.



1. Onanite - February 8, 2009

I have to agree….. it is the corporations that are in it for the quick cash to pay their executives.

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