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Vote up Marriage Equality March 3, 2009

Posted by truthspew in Gay rights, marriage equality, politics, religion.
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ProJo has a poll on whether same sex marriages should be allowed, it is currently 52.46% (833) in favor, 47.54% (755) against.

You can take the poll here. What really iritates me is that I got an email from Brian Brown at National Organization for Marriage. Here’s the email, I always say it’s good to know what your enemies are doing.

Nationl Organizaton for Marraige Email regarding ProJo Poll

Nationl Organizaton for Marraige Email regarding ProJo Poll

How dare they. So I’m doing my part now. Go to the poll and vote in favor of marriage equality.

And look at Brown, all proud of himself. Pride goeth before the fall asshole.

What really upsets me is that people from far outside RI can vote the ProJo poll. And ProJo has the technical means to restrict answers to only RI residents. Hell, I use a version of that on this blog, see that Feedjit list over there. All that does is grab the IP address of a visitor and map it geographically.

So anyway, here’s my poll. And no, I’m not filtering by state.

**** UPDATE ****

Despite the best efforts of the NOM crowd, it’s now 53% in favor, 47% not in favor.



1. Christopher - March 3, 2009

OK, I was pleased to do my part to help the cause!

I find it interesting that someone that looks like that guy has the audacity to put his photo on his letterhead. I should think that to help gay marriage as people would hope he should never copulate!

Hopefully, the poll will remain in favor of our families.


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