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A gross abomination? Prop 8 crazies March 7, 2009

Posted by truthspew in Gay rights, marriage equality, politics, religion.
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So I was perusing “Maybe it’s just me…” blog and came across this video. He got it from Joe My God.

There are many signs held up by those wishing to enshrine discrimination into the CA Constitution. But many of them and the megaphone preacher, expose the religious motivation behind this whole thing.

I should mention, I’m a dangerous atheist. Why? 12 years of Christian neigh Catholic training. I know their Bible and doctrine as well as or better than they do.

It’s odd, the religious know better than to come out and protest against us. You might get the idiots that protest gay pride, etc. but they’re pretty much drowned out in the crowds.

I almost wish they would though, because I know precisely what I’d do.

With megaphone in my left hand I’d drop to my knees, raise my gaze to the sky and uplift my right arm and say “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. ”

I mean if we really want to talk abominations, just read Leviticus and tell me f you really want to live in a world like that. By the way, explore the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible , it features the Bible, Quran and the Book of Mormon.

But all those people who support Prop 8 are guilty of using passages out of context. But that seems to be a common tactic among the religious for if you were to examine the entire book in context it falls apart at the seams.

And the link of morality to religion is just too much. You can be perfectly moral without religious hokum.

Getting your morality from the Bible means you’re just too lazy to formulate a moral stance on your own. You are an intellectual weakling preferring to be lead around by the nose than to stop and think about what you’re doing.



1. Christopher - March 7, 2009

I agree that those spouting verses and passages from the Bible should take a seat and read it from cover to cover. Anything can be justified, inclusive of murder, adultery, and thievery when things are twisted, misconstrued and taken out of context.

I love those lazy bastards that quote their preacher instead of doing their own homework and research… much easier to knock them off their friggin’ pedestal.

Hope your weekend goes well my friend!


2. Andy Armitage - March 10, 2009

Yup, they hold up Leviticus and denounce us poor poofters. I wonder, though, whether they eat prawns (forbidden) or wear clothes made of more than one fibre (forbidden). There are a few other things in there, too, and I recommend you read a letter that’s gone by the name of “The Leviticus Challenge”. I believe it began life in the USA, so you Yanks are maybe more familiar with it than we Limeys are, but I used it on the Pink Triangle blog, which I write for (and which Truthspew has taken to leaving comments on – thanks, mate). It’s hilarious.

3. Andy Armitage - March 10, 2009

Oops, I think the embedded URL didn’t work on my post: here it is raw: http://ptt-blog.blogspot.com/2009/01/prawn-cocktail-anyone.html. Sorry about that, folks.

4. Mark in DE - March 12, 2009

Most of the so-called “religious” don’t know the Bible. Most don’t even open it on a consistent basis. They only know what they’ve been told by biased preachers.

5. Wondermann - March 12, 2009

they should be destroyed

6. Ronnie Bruno - March 20, 2009

I have one thing to say about all this! Screw Jesus! And Mary and all of that crap! These made up characters are what got us into this whole hate thing anyway. Nobody here on Earth knows why we are here or where we are going! NOBODY! No religion no preacher no bible thumper. So the sooner we all STOP FIGHTING and realise we are all in this together, the better off the world will be. When I see this video and all the fighting in the world…It doesn’t look good for us. When will people wake up and realise religion has torn this world apart. Hanging on to the myths of religion has gotten us nowhere. People need to let go of outdated belief systems that no longer work. Have a mind of your own. Learn to be tolerant of EVERYONE. We all have a place in this world and are EQUAL. I saw Zeitgeist The Addendum and I agree with what the movie was trying to say because without money and religion there would be no fighting. The World needs us.

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