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Some confirmation about National Organizaton for Marriage March 10, 2009

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So I’m not the only one that though that the National Organization for Marriage and their RI leader, Scott T. Spear bused people in from outside RI.

More on Spear, he’s a partner at Blish & Cavanagh, LLP here in Providence. Figures that they’d appoint an attorney. I’d expect that an attorney would understand the constitution as it exists at both the state and federal levels.

But again, blind religious obedience shows its ugly face.

Anyhow back to NOM. I can’t wait for the hearing on H5744. I would link to the bill but the legislatures web site seems to be down at the moment.

Anyhow I will testify at the next hearing and I hope NOM buses people in for this one because one of the things I’m going to do is ask for a show of hands of those from outside RI. Then I plan to ask the chairman to ask those people with their raised hands to leave because I don’t believe they have the right to influence the lawmaking process in my state.


1. Wondermann - March 12, 2009

such a mess these religious folks

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