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Troppe Informazioni Martedì numero e un centinaio di settantasette (TMI #177) March 10, 2009

Posted by truthspew in TMI Tuesday.

1. Are you pro-marriage? Why or why not?

I’m a little confused on this. When it says pro marriage I automatically translate that to marriage equality meaning gay people can marry other gay people.

I fully support marriage equality.

2. Have you ever invented or thought you invented a sexual position?

No, I’m more one to re-write the Bible as evidenced by a prior post than to re-write the Karma-Sutra.

3. Do you like to be tied up? Always or sometimes?

Occasionally. The loss of control is quite interesting.

4. Do you consider online cybering adultery?

No I do not. Flying fingers aren’t adultery.

5. Do you prefer masturbation over real sex?

They’re about equal in my view of things. But then for guys the ultimate goal is to pop a nut so either/or.

6. Do you want sex more times a day than your partner?

Nope. It happens when it happens.

7. Do you get offended when you partner openly flirts with others or are you okay with it?

I’ve never seen Keyron actively flirt with someone. But then I have a filter for that sort of thing so I probably have but just didn’t pay attention to it at the time.

8. Do you think you’re flirty by nature?

I can be. It’s worse when I’m drunk and part of the reason I stopped smoking weed when I was a teen.



1. Christopher - March 11, 2009

Hmm… flying fingers gives light to it’s own thoughts of entertainment!

2. Todd Hellskitchen - March 11, 2009

On #5, I say: REAL, please!

3. Mark in DE - March 12, 2009

You sound rather secure and content in your relationship, which is nice.

4. Wondermann - March 12, 2009

interesting list

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