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Yet another Epiphany March 18, 2009

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

The most recent epiphany is that the Providence Journal now allows you to register and comment on stories, letters, editorials and things of that nature.

Apparently there was a scuffle in which the Principal of a local middle school was punched and bitten by a parent.

Here are some of the more ignorant comments attached to the article:

dizgusted in pvd 6 minutes ago wrote:

Hey GRACE & JANU (Diaz & Pichardo) – WHY ARE YOU ALL CLAMMED UP NOW? YOUR ” COMMUNITY” SHOULD BE REPRIMANDED!! And if you don’t like being all lumped into one category of ungrateful, ignorant, lower-than-animal life forms, one of you so called “community leaders” better get your “people” to start behaving or else GET THE HE_L OUT! EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU D.R. PITA’s!

Or maybe this:

LUCIA88 43 minutes ago wrote:

OK MOSELEY HOW DOES IT FEEL. You didn’t give Perkins a chance, now I am glad you are getting a taste of your own medicine…….this will not stop until the illegals are stopped from going to our schools which are paid for by our taxes. WHEN WILL THIS STOP. WHERE IS ICE……ITS ENOUGH.

And for final effect:

Isthisajoke 56 minutes ago wrote:

Most of the gang violence is from illegals and the schools are out of control because of the illegals. Wise up and send them all back to their native and precious countries.

I need to remind these people of something. The immigrant issue started in RI in the mid to late 1970’s with refugees from Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and so on.

Yes many of those initial immigrants probably started out as an illegal. But they’ve built lives here and more importantly they had children here.

Here’s an interesting part of U.S. Immigration law. You can be 8 months and three weeks pregnant, so long as your delivery happens here in this country, your child is a U.S. citizen.

I hate to keep reminding people of this but if you live in RI and your last name is Murphy, Smith, or tends to end in a vowel, you’re likely a child, grandchild great, or great-great grandchild of an immigrant.

It took nearly 70 years for the Italian enclave of Federal Hill to start doing business with the English speaking world. Same for the French Canadians in Woonsocket.

The Latino and Asian immigrants have only been here for about 30 years so far. I can see the changes happening because I’m here on the ground with it and even have some language skills in both Spanish and Italian. Io Sono Americano but of Italiano descent.

I remember coming to Federal Hill as a child, the language was Italian. But then the merchants started realizing that speaking English was the way to generate more business traffic.

The same is true of the Spanish speaking groups, their kids know both languages and the kids of those kids will more likely than not know only English.

Lets look beyond the language and cultural issues and look at the more sociological issues. Lets make sure that everyone can obtain a living wage job. Make sure that the safety net programs aren’t dismantled. Make sure they are values members of the society.

Federal Hill now is a little alien to me though, particularly restaurant row on Atwells Avenue. You see Bentley, Bugatti, etc. vehicles parked on the street. Yet on Broad St. in Providence you see numerous businesses, it very much reminds me of the way Federal Hill used to be.

So if you’re going to post a comment on a news story, at least have some background to your racist and anti-immigrant screed.


1. Mark in DE - March 19, 2009

It seems to me that most comments about ‘sending immigrants back to their countries’ are spoken out of fear; fear that our predominantly white country will become a predominantly brown country. These folks fail to realize that this country WAS predominantly brown (native Americans) before the whites arrived from Europe.

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