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Future Wind Energy Could Meet All Our Needs April 3, 2009

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There is an article in the LA Times about wind power. The best area for wind just happens to be off the Atlantic coast of the U.S.

Shallow water wind projects could provide 20% of our energy needs. Going into deeper water would provide ALL of it.

I think we should plow straight ahead on wind and solar projects. Wind projects for the eastern half of the country, solar projects for the western half. We need to begin moving away from using coal, oil and natural gas to generate electricity.

The electrical generators in this country are only 2.45% that are fueled by oil. The rest are king coal and natural gas. Was use 1.053 billion tons of coal a year. We use 6.6 trillion cubic feet of gas per year to generate electricity. 23 trillion cubic feet overall going for heating water, spaces and industrial processes.

But the environmental benefit of cutting use of coal, gas and oil would be spectacular.

Then of course we’re seeing progress being made with electric vehicles. Ranges are popping up toward the 200 mile mark, and prices are still a bit high. I think we need strong government subsidies to stimulate the electric car market.

And look at this. This little1973 Datsun 1200. It smokes EVERYTHING. That is because right off the line, electric motors deliver 100% of their power, most of all torque is constant. They call the car the White Zombie.

An 11.554 quarter mile? And this thing does 0-60 in < 3 seconds. How freakin awesome is that. Now electric cars on the roads of course won’t be doing 11 second quarter miles. So the gear heads don’t need to worry, they’ll still be able to connect a batter to an electric motor and pretty much wipe out any competition.

The video lets you see the power of electricity over internal combustion. Why else do you think railroads use a diesel power generator to send current to the drive wheels? Phenomenal torque and power!

I do note our local transit authority is putting in for hybridized buses, these employ the same scheme as the trains, not the bizarro method used in motor vehicles. Not to mention, the average transit bus gets maybe 10MPG, hybridizing them quadruples it to 40MPG. Consider most buses ply city streets and you can add up the fuel savings.

And lets face it, most of our commutes are generally 40 miles round trip. Electric cars with ranges of even 150 miles would make perfect sense for us.



1. Mark in DE - April 6, 2009

I agree with you! We’ve got to get started on these alternatives.

DE recently voted to implement an offshore wind mill farm. Not sure when it will be built/installed.

Electric cars are DEFINITELY where our future lies.

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