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My experiences on RIPTA April 4, 2009

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

I hadn’t ever thought to post about this but I use RIPTA every now and then. Been doing so for several years and in general after using MBTA commuter and subway system I find buses to be sub-optimal for transit services.

That said, I know I’ve read stories where RIPTA buses have hit moving vehicles, parked vehicles and even run over people. Up until a certain point I’d read about drivers being assaulted (Some rightfully so I’d imagine!).

About two years ago I watched a woman whale on a driver. Police were called and she was arrested.

But this evening I had my first “bus hits a parked car” experience. Pretty much crushed the drivers side of the car. But then the guy was parked in, you guessed it, a bus-only no-parking zone. Plus he was sticking out quite a bit on a tight street to begin with.

Total delay was about 20 minutes, enough time for the police to get there, take the report from the driver and car owner and then that was it. RIPTA buses hit things all the time and as I said, every once in awhile they run someone over. Par for the course really.

I’d venture that MBTA buses and NY’s MTA buses have the same parameters.

However I am one who says scrap the bus system as it exists. Drop track on the major routes in the city and then track to surrounding communities. Adopt the MBTA system where each host community chips in for the services. Leave the buses to do more narrow routes.



1. Onanite - April 5, 2009

My partner is a bus driver. He has all sorts of stories about how stupid people are when it comes to how they enter act with the buses. So I don’t know that you can always blame the drivers.


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