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Marriage Equality Gaining Traction April 7, 2009

Posted by truthspew in Gay rights, marriage equality, politics, religion.

Good news from Vermont today. The legislature moved to override the governors veto of marriage equality.

Of course the Natioanl Organization for Marriage (An Oxymoron or I think I’ll just refer to them a NOMOXY’s now.) weighs in on it with a national ad campaign.

Here’s the gist of the NOMOXY message:

National Organization for Marriage will tomorrow launch a new national ad campaign that highlights how same-sex marriage undermines the core civil rights of those who believe in the simple truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

I guarantee you that their national ad will pounce on the precious snowflake argument. It seems that is all the opposition has left to fight with, the children.

Like some of you I took Developmental Pyschology and general Psychology in college. Kids are much more resilient and intelligent than the NOMOXY’s will give them credit for. I mentioned to a friend that at the age of 8 years I knew there was no God. I certainly got some good things out of the 12 years of Catholic schools, a good example of which is that maybe we should try loving our neighbor as ourselves a bit more. Perhaps we should take care of the downtrodden. You know, the good stuff.

A friends 8 year old son recently told a nun that “Religion is bullshit!” and was promptly expelled from that Catholic school. Good for him. Like I said, I knew it was bovine effluent at the age of 8 but chose to stick with it, always know thine enemy.

But it gets better, I live in RI where we Atheist/Nones make up 19% of the population, but it’s even higher in VT where atheists number 34% and New Hampshire where 29% don’t believe, 30% are Catholic, and about 30% baptist. That’s progress as far as I’m concerned. Because discrimination against gay marriage is directly traceable to the religious. There’s more than enough evidence of that now.

But we now have three states in New England where marriage equality is real, and now one from the heartland, Iowa. I’m so happy we got at least one legislative grant of equality, it proves that a legislature can be convinced to vote for equality.

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1. wondermann - April 8, 2009

These groups are borderline terrorists

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