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Good Stuff (A little Neo-Soul) May 8, 2009

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A little bit of a different music thing this week. I’m kind of going for music that you don’t just hear, but that you feel.

Here’s a goodie, it’s got the neo-soul sound down like a mother fucker!

Here’s Yaw with “Where Would You Be”

Ok, Anthony Hamilton. I see him a little like the good old days of the 1970’s with Al Green, Stevie Wonder, et al.

First time I heard him is in a song he did with Angie Stone called “Stay for a while”

Anthony Hamilton “I’m a Mess”

Another Anthony Hamilton “Comin’ From Where I’m From”

Another retro-ized neo-soul sounds is from Raphael Saddiq, you’lll recognize his voice from Tony Tone Toni.

Here he is with “Calling”, don’t worry about that funny sounding language (It’s Espanol) is only the first 30 or so seconds.

Raphael Saddiq “100 Yard Dash”

And a favorite of mine from 1999, Raphael Saddiq and Q-Tip with “Get Involved”

And one degree of separation we have Q-Tip with Andre 3000 with “That’s Sexy”

This of course brings us to John Legend and Andre 3000 with “Green Light”

That’s what I love. The collaborations that lead me to discover new music. Enjoy it. This is all stuff that bubbles to the top of my iTunes playlists.


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