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Week 2 What is Marriage For Discussion group May 12, 2009

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This evening was the 2nd and final discussion on the E.J. Graff book “What is Marriage For”.

Attendance this evening was myself, Richard, Don, Brian, Kathy, Angela and Jack. The latter is the couple that testified at the Senate hearing and had some great things to say. They consider themselves a trans couple. Unfortunately Carol couldn’t make it this evening.

Tonight was a more open discussion. We touched on many topics in the book from the real argument to our own families, marriage withing group, etc.

But I thought one passage from the book was very relevant as it touched on points that one or another of us have made in the last two weeks.

It’s on page 223:

In other words, much of the fight over same-sex marriage is a fight-by-proxy over one of the last strongholds of gender supremacy: the idea that a man rules a woman, that a woman without a man is missing something essential, that a man who seeks another man is degrading himself by turning into a woman.

This touched off a tangential discussion about gender. Basically, gender is a cluster fuck.

It’s sad that this is the last week though. I will see Richard and Don at the meetings over the next few nights.

And my suggestion that we march on the Diocese met with agreement. Oh boy!



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