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RI Marriage Equality Hearing (05/13/2009) May 13, 2009

Posted by truthspew in marriage equality.

Well, another hearing. This time it was on House Bill 5744, and Act Relating to Marriage, which would have granted RI’ers true equality. As is usually the case, we supporters of the bill left the chamber empty handed.

Instead we got the usual treatment. I want to publicly thank our supporters on the committee. We know you dislike doing this year after year like we do.

That’s why I emailed all of them tell them I’d like to see a full vote on the bill by weeks end.

It really isn’t worth talking about the bigots anymore. After four different hearings I have now heard it all. Did get a handshake from the Rev. John Codega. I guess we’re at the point where we can agree to disagree on the issue.

The notable of the evening, but entirely predictable was the ejection of Chris Young. I fear I may have provoked part of it. Young was again talking out of turn and I don’t remember what he said, I just remember it evoked visceral reaction from me and I shouted across the room “That’s because you’re bigot!”. Shortly thereafter he was still mouthing off and they ejected him just before 9PM.

My testimony was:

“You can always tell when the opposition is losing a battle, the volume goes up and the logic level goes down.” I then talked about the religious issues and how the bill doesn’t change the definition of marriage, it only changes the prerequisites for marriage, otherwise the rights and benefits conferred by marriage remain the same. I then went on to briefly analyze the bill, noting that only a few sentences made changes to the prerequisite while several paragraphs were there to protect religious freedom. I then went on to quote that famous Einstein line, “Repeating the same action over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.”

Cassandra Ormiston did preview a new group called Equality Rising and if I’m right, this will be the litigious side in favor of marriage equality. She did mention in her testimony that she may just file a discrimination suit against the state. That would be spectacular.

But even the testimony from the Marriage Equality RI people (Wendy, Kelly, Carol, and Kathy) was fairly strident and rightfully so since we’ve waited so very long for true equality in Rhode Island.

It’s going to happen sooner or later in Rhode Island and I have to ask the question, does the legislature really want to be known as the ones that were the biggest impediment to true equality. I’m looking right at you Speaker Murphy.

Some of the other bat shit crazy stuff was when the religious nuts started loudly preaching to Mr. Gay Rhode Island. I couldn’t make out much of it since it seemed to be a mixture of English/Latin and something else.



1. Tom Seymour - May 14, 2009

I know that these are probably foreign concepts to [most of] the legislators, but was there any discussion of article 1, section 2 of the R.I. Constitution (which supposedly guarantees equal protection/non-discrimination based on gender) and/or the U.S. Const., amendment 1 (separation of church and state)?

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