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Re: Your Rights Put to a Vote, this time it is Tradition May 29, 2009

Posted by truthspew in marriage equality.

Brilliant videos. This one is particularly poignant. Our opponents like to talk about tradition. The surprising part is, what we call traditional marriage is somewhat of a meandering process.

Sure there are the proscriptions in Leviticus and like books of the Bible. But the Romans had a very peculiar system of marriage. Whatever was in a mans house was his. That was the Roman idea.

Early Christians didn’t even want to recognize marriage, it was felt you couldn’t follow Jesus if you were married. It took the reformation and the Protestant adoption of marriage before the now Roman Catholic church got off it’s big ass and did something to sanctify marriage.

Those are just a couple of examples. Do a little bit of research and I’m sure you’ll find more. Just look at Mormonism (Moronism?) and their little sordid history.

The chastity belt was great, but the stoning. That made me laugh. I’m reminded of this clip from Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”

Well, first a little detour:

Perhaps we did get it a little wrong. But to a stoning we go:

And just for some levity at the end of a grueling lesson on tradition, stoning and the like, always, just always look on the bright side of life.

BTB, Life of Brian is a brilliant movie.



1. Rebecca - May 30, 2009

The Life of Brian is a brilliant movie, as is Holy Grail. LMAO. Two of my favorite movies of all time!!!!
Thanks for the memories….
About the statement
“Early Christians didn’t even want to recognize marriage, it was felt you couldn’t follow Jesus if you were married”
That isn’t quite true though, they believed that if you could accept the celibate life than you should in order to devote your life to God. But they also realized very few could accept or live by that idea, it was never pushed as a concept until the anti sex Catholic popes and saints said a priest could not marry, and those like St. Orly said to lie with a woman is the same as lying with a sack of manure. (If you dig a little deeper you will find that early Christians accepted gay marriage and even had rites for them. ) http://www.libchrist.com/other/homosexual/gaymarriagerite.html
It was an extremely radical concept actually. Choosing not to marry. All were expected to marry and produce offspring in every culture of the day. The unmarried were looked at as deviants. The Romans had a long tradition that if you were gay, once you were 25 or so you had to “temporarily” set aside your gayness, and get married in order to produce heirs. Once the children were grown, you no longer had to “live” with your wife, but had to continue to support her.

=-=-=-Truthspew Replies=-=-=-

I was aware of the Roman custom. However, the very early Christian church was all about following Jesus to the exclusion of EVERYTHING else.

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