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Police killing Police, how do we stop it? June 5, 2009

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Recently NYC Police Officer Omar J. Edwards was gunned down by fellow police officers. Edwards was chasing a suspect that had broken into his car after his shift had ended.

We had a similar issues here in Providence a few years back. Patrolman Cornel Young Jr. was off duty and in a local restaurant when a domestic dispute broke out. He pulled his gun out and was pursuing a suspect when uniformed officers rolled onto the scene. They shot and killed Young who was posthumously awarded the rank of Sergeant.

One question that came up during the Young incident was that Young hadn’t identified himself as a police officer to the uniformed officers. That lead some to say those uniforms had to know Young, etc. But the Providence Police Department has close to 600 sworn officers. Anything over say 150 people and human mind can’t really comprehend storing the identities of all the members of the group. I know this first hand, at one job we had 250 people in the building. I knew maybe 125 of them after a year and a half.

So now NYPD is trying to find ways of letting police know of other police in the vicinity. A GPS tracker and a small RF transciever would do wonders here. Small enough to be worn on a belt at all times. The units would send location data and police badge ID. Receiving units would beep and display the badge ID’s it scanned.

That way you’d stop friendly fire incidents.



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