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A foray into a UU Service June 7, 2009

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So today I followed through on my long put off plan to attend the service at my local UU chapel. This despite scheduling issues that prevented me from attending prior weeks.

I do have something of a history with this group. As a young child I attended the nursery school there.

Anyhow I rousted myself out of bed to check out the service at the Bell Street Chapel. First impressions:

The shell collection in the vestibule is amazing.

Nary a cross or any other Xian symbol is present. Instead there are many reproductions of mountainous scenes.

I think I heard mention of the name of Christ once in the entire service. And that was just part of the reflection offered by a member. Otherwise the hymns are right from Catholicism, Lutheranism, Protestanism, etc. but none mention god, jesus, or the like.

The communion ritual is absent, replaced by several things. First among them the Candles of Joys and Sorrows. A very nice part too. The leader of the service lights a small candle in a bowl and then asks people to come up and light a candle and either say why they’re lighting, or to do it silently to express their joys or sorrows. Really nice.

At the end the entire congregation gets up out of the pews and hand in hand sings the following “Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.”

I like it. It isn’t preachy, it isn’t pushy. Even the offertory is donated to a worthy cause. I think that is what attracts me to the UU, the social justice aspect of it. And the fact that I’m an atheist doesn’t matter. It isn’t about a higher deity, it’s about what people can do.


1. Mark in DE - June 9, 2009

That sounds kind of nice to me, too. Right now I’m not too keen on organized religion, but this sounds different.

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