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An exchange with yet another homophobe July 8, 2009

Posted by truthspew in Gay rights.

This is great fun. It started out with this post on Good As You.

I made the mistake of watching GodGunsGutsGlory’s video on YouTube and I left the following for him:

You really are special. You’re all up in the Koolaid and don’t know the flavor.

You focus on the passages in Leviticus, and Romans. I suggest reading 1 Timothy 2:9 to 2:11. Then you can justify your misogyny too.

I have a question, have you ever read the ENTIRE Bible? I mean really sat down and read the whole book. I have a fair idea that you never did any such thing. I’m always amused by so called Christians who can spout biblical passages but don’t know the real message of Christianity.

Maybe if you weren’t such a homophobic creep you might attract more of attention from the opposite sex. But women the world over can’t stand a hater.

His response:


Re: Your attack on gay people

Re: Your attack on gay people
I’ve been reading the Bible since the 1970’s.

You’re not going to “confuse” me pervert.

Homosexuality is an utmost ABOMINATION.

Period. No matter how YOU perverts try to rewrite the Bible.

I’ve seen the gay agenda websites that try to explain off the true meaning of Scripture.

I suggest you troll your way to my favorites and check out Krazie316’s video I have on there about the ridiculous lies and attacks from homos. He does a great job destroying your lies as I do.

My reply:


Re: Your attack on gay people

Re: Your attack on gay people
Lies and attacks huh? I’ve studied the Bible more in 12 years than you have in your 30+.

I’m not trying to rewrite the Bible. That was already done by St. Thoma Aquinas, St. Augustine, and Saul of Tarsus (Aka St. Paul).

What we read in the Bible has no bearing upon what the original writer(s) wrote. The above mentioned men threw in their misanthropic, misogynistic and homophobic drivel a few hundred years after the original books were written.

The so called “gay agenda” is nothing but equal rights for all. And if you want to talk scripture, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

GGGG’s response:

Bull crap.

God created man. He didn’t create anus for you to make love to it. Only a MORON would believe that.
God created WOMAN for man.

Anyone who is a homosexual is a FAILURE at nature/mating/life

Move on pervert.

Wrong move on his part, my retort:

Read the rest of Leviticus if you will. Eating shellfish is an abomination too. And the Bible makes no distinction between shrimp and homosexuality.

There is more good stuff in Leviticus too. For example, when is the last time you sacrificed a lamb to your local cleric? Do you have a beard? Do you shave? Here’s the thing, if you’re going to harp on about homosexuality then you have to follow the other proscriptions in Leviticus. And run 1 Timothy 2:09-11 by your wife and see what she says.

I mean if you really want to get into a battle about the Old Testament I’m more than ready for that fight. I suppose though that your readings in Genesis lead you to believe the earth is only 6,000 years old. There is a rather huge group of scientists whom would beg to disagree with that number.

To which GGGG responded:

Liberals are against guns, and freedom of speech.

who are you kidding, pervert?

You don’t even understand mosaic law.

Mosaic Law is the first five books of the Bible otherwise known as the Pentateuch. I shot back:

BTB, in my case it’s just guns, guts and glory. Indeed, I’m a left leaning liberal who believe in the right to bear arms (or is that arm bears).

{heavy sigh} No, some of we liberals believe that the 2nd Amendment was put in place to ensure that a tyrannical and despotic government could never arise again.

I’m kind of a strict constitutionalist when it comes to that.

Now Mosaic law – yes I’m aware of the Pentateuch. But I also studied, to your horror, the New Testament. As I said, other than St. Paul’s homophobic rants the message of the NT is much more love they brother as thyself as it is proscriptions and prohibitions as spelled out in the Mosiac Law.

As I said before, you’re all up in the KoolAid and don’t know the flavor.

His turn:

That was the biggest pile of rubbish ever.
I turned it off after 15 seconds of effeminate sissies.

Effeminate behavior of men is a SIN and so says the Bible that Effeminate men will not inherite the KIngdom of God.

btw, no animals have homo sex acts.

Myself and Krazie316 have already dared you to provide video of an elephant inserting his penis into an anus.

since after all you homos say elephants are one of the species to be observed doing homo acts.
So put up or shut up with that utter nonsense.

No animals have anal sex.

At this point it’s getting fun, I shot him a Let Me Google That for You link

Then I created this video and sent it to him, at this point I felt text just couldn’t convey my contempt well enough.



1. Mark in DE - July 11, 2009

You have a LOT more patience than me, my friend!

2. wondermann - July 12, 2009

that was awesome…love the accent, too

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