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Islam: What the West Needs to Know July 9, 2009

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I just watched Islam: What the West Needs to Know. It just confirmed what I’ve known all along. Islam by its very nature is not only a religion but is also a political system.

I absolutely refuse to ever submit to Sharia, or the Islamic political code.

One of the interesting things in the documentary is watching the politicians call Islam a religion of peace. It is anything but peaceful and our politicians know that.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be sad if tomorrow all the Jews, Catholics and Muslims dropped off the face of the planet. Of course I’d lose some good friends on the Jewish and Catholic side but I’m sick and tired of having beliefs forced upon me, of those same beliefs being used to infringe on my rights. Curiously I don’t know any Muslims, I guess it is because I know their real agenda and it doesn’t gibe with me. The gay Muslims really puzzle me, since their religion would rather stone them to death than deal with them, yet they still cling to the religious aspects. No thank you!

What really irritates the ever loving crap out of me is Islam. The religion has this mechanism that makes adherents relentlessly push to expand the boundaries of submission to Mohamed and his sidekick Al’Lah. And this is one atheist that will never submit to the authority of any religion. Mohamed can suck my left nut.

There is hope though. The Islamic Theocracy in Iran is slowly imploding before our very eyes. What happened in Iran was a damned shame.



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