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And the real reason why we don't have universal health care in the U.S. July 11, 2009

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The insurance industry has really sold this one. Watch Wendell Potter, a former insurance company executive (Most recently with CIGNA) explain what the industry did to try and discredit Michael Moore’s film Sicko (Full film at this link)

The fact that they go after the politicians not only withholding campaign funds, but to actively run ads targeting those politicians smacks of the ultimate in tyrannical tactics. Corporations should not be allowed to run ads for or against politicians period. They shouldn’t be allowed to form PACs, and most of all the 1st amendment shouldn’t apply to corporate lobbyists.

If you have iTunes on your machine you can get the full broadcast in Bill Moyers video podcasts . In fact once you subcribe, download the episode with Mr. Potter. He lays it all out in the open, shows how the insurance companies destroy their opponents, how they confuse the public, and how they optimize profit. Potter even says a public option (E.g. Medicare/Medicaid) runs administrative costs of about 3% while the insurance industry currently runs around the 20% mark and most of that satisfies investor demand for profit.

Then get good and angry and find your federal representatives and senators, write them, email them, and call them and demand universal health care in the United States.

I don’t care if it means a 10% increase in the tax rate so long as every single one of us is covered by this plan.

And just for your amusement I give you Roy Zimmerman with “Dear Number 1036924053887”



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