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Another day on the beach July 19, 2009

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Today we spent a bit more time, got there earlier too. Here are some photos of the day:

A little clamming in the marsh. The sky in this photo looks almost surreal. I have to say, I caught it at just the right moment. It’s interesting, I’ve lived in RI for all but a few months of my life and as a kid I’d been to the ocean plenty of times. But it’s so different as an adult.


The water is a beautiful blue/green. RI has such great natural resources yet we squander it.


Here we see the sailboat off in the distance. To the right is the lighthouse.


I did some brief videos, first the traffic on RI Route 4 which leads into South County (Actually Kent and Washington Counties) then onward to Route 1, and into Galilee. It’s moving but very, very slowly.

The sailboat coming in. I love that I can upload raw MP4 video to YouTube.

Here’s a few more boats straggling in, and you get an idea of what the water looks like.

And here we see the Block Island Ferry boat Carol Ann making her way out towards open ocean.

All in all very interesting. I was relating something though. I remember our trip to NC two years ago. I was totally awed by the night sky there. It’s like you can reach out and literally touch the stars. But Keyron was disinterested because he had seen it for a good chunk of his life and it was common to him.

That’s kind of how I am with the beaches around RI and southeast MA. As a kid my family and I regularly stayed in beach houses in Narragansett, and at my great grandfathers place on Prudence Island. So water is kind of ho-hum to me. I much prefer the woods and places like the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

And if I really believed in any of the astrology stuff, I’m a fire sign. Hawaii here we come! Volcanos and ocean!



1. Onanite - July 20, 2009

Thanks for the tour of RI beaches….. very cool. Hope you had fun.


2. Mark in DE - July 22, 2009

Fortunately Spouse & I both agree the water (ocean) is where we both like to be.

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