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My father is a Fox News Follower July 22, 2009

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This little nugget came out when he said he was sorry he voted for Obama. I told him I’m not sorry about it, that it was an easy choice. I could either chose a nearly senile old man, or someone who at least made noises about changing things.

Then we got on the subject of health care. Dear old dad was parroting the Fox talking points, that the country is sliding towards socialism, or that most of the people who’ll chose the public option are illegal immigrants, or people under 30, or the like. In essence, if you’ve followed the debacle on the web about Fox News you know exactly where he’s getting his information.

I explained that we already had a form of socialism, else we’d not have the police, fire, roads, schools, Medicaid, Medicare, VA, et al. So I asked him what he thought about the fact that Medicare has a 3% administrative cost wherease most insurance companies run at 22%. Or how about the VA, who pays for that? Of course he knew these were all taxpayer funded programs.

Then we got on the subject of entitlement. If there is any generation that suffers self entitlement more than the current one, it’s the one two prior to them, my fathers generation. They see those programs like the VA as a right.

I had to ding my father on that one. The conversation got eerily quieter after that. But I also told him, turn away from Fox News. Watch anything else but Fox News for a few weeks and then come back and talk to me.


1. Joy - July 22, 2009

I agree of course! I’ve been here looking around and will be back. Like your blog and those photos are gorgeous of the coast!

2. Onanite - July 23, 2009

FOx non news is one of the mostright wing association I have ever seen. I deleted it from my stations because it was worthless.

BTW my parents always watch Fox news. We have some interesting discussions too.

3. Mark in DE - July 24, 2009

I applaud you for forcing your dad to hear these things and think about them, at least for a minute.

4. tornwordo - July 26, 2009

Out in California my folks were watching it and when they finished one story on health care and went over to the weather girl, the weather girl rolled her eyes and made a crack about the US turning into Sweden. I had to laugh and said, “These people aren’t delivering the news, they are just commentators. Why don’t you watch REAL news.” They said it was more fun on Fox and they didn’t mind a little entertainment with their info. I just shook my head.

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