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Boston Museum of Fine Arts today July 28, 2009

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Our friends Nick and Beth treated us to the MFA in Boston today.

Ok, let me get this out I’m not a major art lover because much of the European art is religious in nature. I could care less about St. Jerome in the Wilderness. But the MFA has an exhibit on Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese: Rivals in Renaissance Venice.

Comparing the interpretation of St. Jerome in the Wilderness was interesting. The first thing that grabbed me was that of all three works none portrayed St. Jerome the same way. In one he had a shock of dark hair, in another he’s a balding old coot, and in yet another he’s even further aged. The settings change too, one is a more primitive background while yet another seems to be of him outside a city.

I do note that Titian’s works of the Madonna and Child are totally awesome. The color just jumps at you, very rich reds and deep blues.

But one of my favorite paintings is Regnault’s Automedon and the Horses of Achilles. In this picture we see the horses Balios and Xanthos with hunky Automedon trying to restrain them.

Automedon and the Horses of Achilles

Another one that interested me is the Seventh Plague of Egypt. Just the general turmoil of that one appeals to me.

Lots of interesting furnishings, fixtures, statuary, etc. We only had about 3 hours there because they close at 4:30PM on Tuesdays. But it’s definitely someplace I’d like enjoy returning to in the near and distant future. But I have to satiate the geek in me and hit the Museum of Science next. Then maybe a dash down to D.C. for the Smithsonian Air and Space museum, then the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

That’s the one thing that irks me. RI doesn’t have any major museums. We certainly have the RISD Art Musuem, and smaller historical venues but that’s the extent.

I’d love to see a Science and Technology museum here. I think we have the nascent requirements for one to be placed here.



1. Onanite - July 29, 2009

Sounds like a good afternoon.


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