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An interesting email sent to Pat Condell August 11, 2009

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A friend of mine wrote the following to Pat Condell. Most of this post will be his block quote with a comment added by me.

Fantastic videos! I myself claim to be agnostic. It is a purely objective stance since absolute proof of God is impossible and absolute proof that there is no divine force is impossible. Proof as in physical irrefutable proof that this cannot be instead of the usual that proves by lack of evidence.

The highest form of flattery is the ability to disagree. This will sound somewhat tasteless but people tend to behave in brutal ways that cause enough trouble on this planet. If you have read the Grand Inquisitor you will get my point. I don’t give a fig what people believe. I want them controlled. Yes I will say that again I want them controlled. We are capable of some of the most inhuman truly despicable behavior the animal kingdom has yet produced. To put it simply I want people to act nicely to each other feel really bad when they hurt each other and attempt to change their lives so that they don’t blow my head off at a moment’s notice.

What has modern atheism produced? The people who have rebelled like yourself tend to be moral and talk in a way that suggests a strong moral not religious cognitive schema. I respect this and have no trouble with this expression. Problem is with people raised atheist or rather not raised at all that act in a socio-pathic way with no respect toward others and see themselves as only an end unto themselves.

It is Machiavellian but I don’t care I want soldiers that will fight for God and country because they will fight with enough energy to repel my enemies. Latter day Rome was multi-cultural and accepting of every religion but in the end the barbarians brought their beliefs and military might to burn the city and reduce its people to abject slavery.
In fact I rather liked the Roman stoics who were essentially atheists but had a strong sense of country and duty that allowed for a defense of its borders. The world is insane full of people that wish to take what I have. Yes I will work to undermine crazy baptists that wish we had public prayer in schools. However, we need a population that will fight barbarism in every form and in every real threat (you mention that in many addresses).
I was terribly influenced by behaviorism. “Give me a healthy well formed infant and an environment of my own choosing and I will make him anything I want.” A great quote from Watson. Please understand if you create an environment that will produce ruthless soldiers capable of finding and killing terrorists that threaten my existence well then it is just fine by me. We have a bible belt in my country that churns out people every bit as ruthless as the Taliban they fight. You know the song sing it with me now: Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war!!!
My atheist son whom I love dearly has no stomach for war. Heck I have no stomach for war. In this chaotic place that we call modern living I strike an uneasy alliance between those I prefer to spend my time with and those that will insure my ability to live.
Will and Ariel Durant speak of cultures that upend more intelligent older nations because they are less intelligent have a new vibrant religion and the will or the blood to overun others. The Egyptians realized toward the end of their civilization that there gods were pointless. They fell to a younger Greek nation that killed them by the millions. The Greeks as you know realized later in their civilization that their Gods were really the product of their creation. There were crushed by the Romans with their combination of Etruscan and family gods that stressed war. You get the point.

Well this probably will not be read as I just looked at your advanced apology. No matter, it felt good to just get some of this out.

I wish you peace

My friends aim is to fire up the fundie Christians and send them off to kill fundie Muslims. I think that’s a good start. However we’d have to test their beliefs. If they are deemed to be fundie Christian we then pack their ass off to fight in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, or wherever one encounters Muslim fanatics.

But I suggest an improvement. Once we ship off all our fundamentalists we need to nuke the hell out of the Middle East, Persia, and all the ‘stan’s. As I reminded my friend, you can drill through glass.

But doing so would solve what I consider to be the two biggest issues facing us all. It would kill off all the Christian Funamentalists who are stuck in the Old Testament, and it would kill of a good chunk of the batshit crazy Muslim Fundamentalists.

But thinking about that, I realize there are other Muslim enclaves in the world. So sorry Nick, but we have a flaw in our plans.



1. dominickpistone - August 11, 2009

Hey Tony,

I want this crazy bunch of people to just leave me alone. That is the greatest offense of religious fundamentalism. The seeming right to tell me how to live my life. It is this basic flaw that just drives me nuts!

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