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Who's Astroturfing Net Neutrality August 20, 2009

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Who\'s astrotufing net neutrality

I’m really upset about this. Carriers should not be able to block internet content based on highest bidder. As it is now they all screw with bit torrent traffic by sending reset packets to the recipient end. They also oppose broad municipal plans to offer WiFi because if they can’t “slap a meter on it” then they allegedly can’t make a profit.

I’ve written something things about the communication industry before. Put it this way, technology is why long distance charges are pretty much a thing of the past. All my VoIP services count LD as local. We built out a literal shitload of fiber optic circuits in this country, many of which are still dark because the competition never really materialized. That’s why trunk services are so cheap now.

I do want to see a revisiting of the Communication Act of 1996 though. I want to see clamps and regulation put on all telecom carriers. Eliminate the FUSF, the network has been built and rebuilt so many times already. It is now just a money grab for the carriers.

Then while you’re at it, regulate the price of text messages. Make it about half a cent per message because it doesn’t cost anywhere near 10 or 20 cents to move SMS between networks.

And cell pricing. We’re starting to see flat price unlimited coming around, mostly with MetroPCS. But the $40 becomes $50 and the $50 becomes $60 when you tack on all the fees and taxes.

And I for one am sick of funding the state E-911 system since I know they’re stealing the money to patch the general fund. I’m just waiting for someone to die because the state never upgraded it’s E-911 system to accept GPS coordinates from cellular phones. The lawsuit will make the cost of upgrading the system look like a bargain.



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