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More information on the stigma that gay kids face. August 22, 2009

Posted by truthspew in Gay rights.

Found this one over on Pam’s House Blend blog.

More specifically, this article from Pridesource on “Confronting Health Disparities Among LGBT Youth”

I brought up this topic in my post titled “Religious bigots upset with the APA”

My friend looked over my post and agreed with all the points I made. In essence it boils down to this:

Gay people really are no different than straight people. The only true difference is what gender we choose as our life partners and spouses.

The diseases gay people suffer from are also suffered by the heterosexual population, particularly the sexually transmitted diseased.

But the Pridesource article I linked above is interesting. It addresses the psyhcological issues and explains that social stigma plays a large part in many of the issues that gay kids suffer from. And it isn’t just gay kids, gay adults suffer a stigma too, or have you not noticed that we don’t have ENDA in states around the country yet, or that we don’t yet have marriage equality.

We also have so called “Christian” pastors making pronouncement that we should be put to death. Yes, Pastor Steven Anderson:

A terrible shame that border patrol didn’t beat this son of a bitch to death.

Because this is just one of his many screeds against we gay people.

He cites the usual references, Genesis 9 (Where a son supposedly molested his father), etc.

But then he goes on that they’re all bisexual, child molesters, molesters in general.

He’s a little too concerned with homosexuality. And as we know from watching the Rev. Ted Haggard, maybe he has a little something to hide himself.


1. Corey - August 23, 2009

…So now you see what I mean when I talk about Phoenix like it’s totally uncivilized. It is.

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