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Mike Enzi, Gang Of Six Republican, Admits He's Simply Blocking Health Care Reform August 27, 2009

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Well now, even the Dems abandoned the public option? They need to be made fully aware that it isn’t reform if they leave that part out. And to stop worrying about their republican ilk.

The game is up, we know about the industry dumping money into election coffers, we know about the Republican tactic of no ideas, and of obstruction. What’s left is for those of us who know the game to raise our voices and let them know we’re not going to stand for it.
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Public Option is "Bad"


1. Onanite - August 27, 2009

The cartoon says it all. Republicans are obstructionist

They are into the big money the lobbyist are waving in front of them. They are un-American to the hilt.


2. wondermann - August 31, 2009

he’s a hater

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