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Disappearing Libraries September 6, 2009

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I still love my dead tree copies of books like the classic by Robert Heinlein, “Strange in a Strange Land” or perhaps Manchester’s “The Arms of Krupp 1587-1968” or even Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. BTW, I find the attitude of Rand to be insufferable and the book is far too long to make the point but it exists in my library and I have read it.

But I note schools in RI are starting to go all digital in a big way when it comes to their libraries.

Case in point, the new $60 million Hanley Career and Technical school in Providence, and now one at Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, MA (90 miles west of Boston).

The world is changing. I embraced the net when I was first exposed to connected computers on BitNet. BitNet was just a bunch of IBM 360’s and 370’s tied together. I had an account on the University of Rhode Island mainframe and accessed it through there. I use to be pjj125@uriacc.uri.edu – long since gone. But as I said, my first true net (TPC/IP) exposure happened when I started working at Brown University in 1993.

I just hope the DMCA and copyright code get updated so that it doesn’t hamper a fully electronic library.



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