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More on perjury and penalty September 6, 2009

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I posted my charge of perjury against Governor Donald Carcieri of Rhode Island in a the comments section on the Providence Journal.

Some one made a good point, almost all of our elected representatives take the exact same oath and all of the have perjured themselves.

Here’s the thing. As a a former state employee I can tell you what the biggest problem is in the legislature, Governors office, Attorney General’s office, Secretary of State’s office and even the issues our elected federal representatives face. That is, ever 2 to 6 years depending upon what office you’re running for re-election.

And having gone through two transitions I can tell you some things. The first isn’t going to astound many people. To get elected to public office doesn’t take a genius. Put it this way our current Sec of State isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box. And dare I say it our current Attorney General, well, not the smartest guy. I’m sorry but anyone who puts a Spider Man quote on the outside of a building that stand for justice just doesn’t deserve my respect.

There is no intelligence test required before you can run for office. It’s only a popularity contest at the moment.

What most people don’t realize is the amount of damage wrought when a new elected officers comes on board and replaces people with institutional knowledge with cronies.

I thought about what would solve this. Maybe lengthen terms out to a decade but with a very strong recall option.

Actually most of our political decisions could be made by expert systems. Imagine, you present your evidence to the expert system and it does the cost/benefit analysis as to the proposed legislation and makes the recommendation to either pass it or reject it.

But do we really trust computers that much?


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