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A conversation with dad September 10, 2009

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Got a call from my father this evening. Let me explain, my father and I are strongly opinionated people. But we come at it from very different perspectives.

We talked about world issues, the health care thing etc. Then he gets on the subject of WW III, and how Israel will start it by attacking Iran, then India and Pakistan and so on. This should be of keen interest to my one reader from The Islamic Republic of Iran (aka a governance structure that is a cluster fuck of monumental proportions). But reading as much as I do, I know that if Iran were to use a nuke against anyone it wouldn’t be against Israel. It’ll be Bahrain or even Saudi Arabia.

That said I found out two interesting things about my father. He has an appointment with an attorney and he is filing for divorce against wife #3. I knew she wasn’t right for him when I met her. My father needs a STRONG woman in his life. Someone to kick his ass on occasion.

The other thing is he believes the world will end in 2012. I asked if he thought it was the beginning of the year or the end of the year. So then I told him that I’d wager $50,000 that the world will be there when the calendar flips to 2013. If in fact the world is there in 2013 which I strongly suspect is the case, he owes me $50,000. If the world isn’t there well, we won’t be here so I can safely welch on the bet.

It’s always interesting talking to my father though. I have to walk him through things. One of his rants was about Medicare fraud. I explained that the majority of fraud is perpetrated by the doctors, not the recipients. He conveniently forgets that I spent a couple years as IT Director for the Department of Attorney General and I helped out the Medicare Fraud Control Unit (MFCU or Mah-Fu-Ku) several times. It was inevitable, my office was right down the corridor from theirs.

We got to prosecute a couple of docs that were playing the system. Great fun really, and it’s how I met the systems guy I’d work with at the Secretary of State’s office.

Since Medicare started using technology in a big way there’s been a wondrous thing that happened. The incidence of fraud has gone DOWN.

Talking to my father is excellent practice for my debate skills.



1. Larry Ohio - September 11, 2009

$50,000! That’s great. Did he accept the wager? Keep egging him on, pushing him closer to the edge, and maybe he’ll go for double. LOL.

2. wondermann - September 14, 2009

good luck on the bet

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