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Whence my visitors come from September 10, 2009

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

The majority of visitors to this blog are here in the United States.

But other countries are represented too. I only count those with 2 visits or more:

Canada, the UK, Germany, France and Belgium. Interesting if I count the 1 visits I get the rest of Europe sans Spain. Maybe because Spain seems to be the only place where the official language isn’t both Spanish/English. In the other European countries English is taught as their 2nd language, it’s the lingua franca of the rest of Europe.

I did get one visit from the Islamic Republic of Iran. I’ll have to watch that one to see if it’s just an anomaly or something more sinister. I jest btw, since I know that not all the people of Iran are fundamentalist Muslims. And yes, there is probably a sizable gay population even there.


1. Larry Ohio - September 11, 2009

I have a Kuwaiti friend who visits my blog. I’ve known him for a couple years on other internet venues. From my end it looks like he’s coming from Europe because he is forced to use a proxy rather than get on the internet directly. The Kuwaiti gov’t openly spies on internet usage, and if they found out he was gay at minimum he’d spend years in prison, and at worst he might be executed. The proxy solves that problem for him, at least for now. The gov’t cannot tell that he is visiting a gay blog and other gay sites. However I’m always afraid he’s just going to disappear someday and I’ll never know the what happened to him.

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