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New iTunes 9 works well September 14, 2009

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

Still a memory hog (Comes in second to Firefox!) but it’s got some new neat features.

There’s Home Share – makes it a lot easier to share multiple iTunes libraries. Between Keyron and I we’ve got 24GB of music. And there is some cross pollination across libraries but my tastes run more funk, soul, jazz than his do.

Then of course I note, shuffle seems to be getting better. I noticed an hour and a half of stone cold jam the other day. And even tonight, we’re doing good.

And thank you Apple for fixing the Safari issue with the intro of the iPhone 3.1 software. And for turning on bluetooth on my iPod Touch. Now if you’d just distribute a no-cost FM tuner app I’d be happy.

I say this because the Broadcom BCM4325 chip in the Touch 2G is capable of doing both 802.11G and Bluetooth as well as tuning the FM band.

Now I need to get a set of bluetooth earphones. And perhaps a bluetooth headset because it also has a microphone and I can use Fring and my Skype account whenever there’s an 802.11a/b/g network available. I figure $75 to $80 to get bluetooth earphones, headset and a bluetooth module for my laptop. Then I’ll be a happy cordless camper.

Put it this way, virtually everywhere I go there’s wi-fi, either locked or unlocked. But once I get a password I input it and boom, the Touch automatically connects. That’s the one thing, with the iPhone 3.1 software it lost all my net passwords. Grrrr.


1. wondermann - September 16, 2009

that’s not good

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