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Jimmy Carter: Bias towards Obama based on the fact that Obama is Black September 16, 2009

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You’ve got to watch this. Jimmy Carter hits the nail on the head.

But watch what he says at the end. Yes Obama will be triumphant on this one.

I can tell you that racism isn’t dead. I’ve seen it used against my SO Keyron. But if people knew him like I knew him they’d love him. And know what, everyone I know who has met him loves him too.

But there are still racists out there. And it’s not just the old people, I’ve seen young racists too. It’s sad.



1. Larry Ohio - September 16, 2009

I think in the most general terms, humans feel better about themselves when they are hating someone else. What do we hate? That which is unfamiliar to us. And that comes in the form of race and sexuality and religion, etc.

We can try hard to defeat racism, but we’re really just chasing our tales. We must EVOLVE out of it and that takes time. Maybe in a few hundred or thousand years it will be a thing of the past, but until then the best we can do is educate people that innate hatred of the unfamiliar exists in humans whether we want it to or not, and it requires work on our part to overcome it. Those of us who are strong will be successful, while the weak will fail.

2. wondermann - September 16, 2009

i believe him

3. Onanite - September 17, 2009

President Carter is a great man. He is able to say the truth. That was a great interview, and I praise President Carter for saying what other people are thinking.

4. formysake - September 21, 2009

I think injecting race in an already volatile situation is only going to add gas to a fire. It is better if we all, dems or reps, stick to the issues and discuss the issues as opposed to the supposed hidden meanings…

Obama doesn’t want to play the race card for good reason, it just won’t be good for the nation. There are some that truly believe that on a fundamental principles democracy that the government should stay out of people’s lives as much as possible.

Then there are the rest who are just plain stupid and belive everything Fox news reports…that’s the real cause, not racism but the complete politicasization of the entire nation.

“Obama can walk on water, and Republican’s will say its because he can’t swim”

They will oppose him on everything because of politics and not necessarily because of race.

wow, I’m longwinded, lol. just my two cents…


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