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Why I love the net, Part 7E+08 September 18, 2009

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I love the net for many reasons. One of which is dredging up friends you’d lost touch with.

Today was just such a day. I get a linked-in invite from a girl I used to work with way back when.

Holly was the type who would regularly regale me with stories of sexual conquest at lunchtime.

Anyhow it lead to finding my old boss on facebook of all places. He’s the one who did that little thing that got me booted out of the Attorney Generals office at transition. So I remembered his phone number and gave him a call.

Told him that I forgave him for the little twist he’d given me on that. And of course he tried to lie his way out of it. But I recall, he stutters a bit when he’s lying and sure enough. I told him not to sweat it, but asked if he really thought I wasn’t connected too.

That got a chuckle out of him. He did mention that my assessment of what he should be doing back in the late 1990’s was spot on. I told him he should be a college professor and pursue his education. And that’s what he’d doing now.

Funny how that all works out.



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