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The Return Of McCarthyism: Hysteria In Action On The Right (VIDEO) September 21, 2009

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My goodness, they’re all united on this front. And is it my imagination or does Bachmann look like a Stepford wife? She has that same deer in the headlights look to her.

These people will try anything to pain Obama as a commie. First they tried to paint him as a Muslim but that didn’t work. Tried tying him to Hitler, that didn’t work. So now it’s a Commie Pinko.

They’ll just try and try and try. And the czar thing, that comes from their patron saint Ronny Reagan who appointed the nations first Drug Czar.
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1. Larry Ohio - September 21, 2009

Soon they’ll paint him as the anti-christ or as satan himself. Doesn’t that pretty much max out the GOP strategy of name-calling? Where do they go from there?

2. formysake - September 21, 2009

absolutely correct! McCarthyism all over again, except this time people are smarter.

history will not repeat itself.

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