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The splintering of gay civil rights groups in RI October 6, 2009

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This evening I finally figured out what is behind all the splintering of civil rights groups in RI. It goes back to something that the Executive Director of Marriage Equality Rhode Island (MERI) and I talked about a while back.

I understand that marriage equality is a single issue. It’s marriage equality or nothing as far as I’m concerned and once we achieve marriage equality, MERI goes away.

But I found out this evening that one of the reasons why people who left MERI to form Queer Action Rhode Island (QARI) , Equality Rising, et al broke away from MERI because in part it was a single issue.

I have no problem with MERI being single issue. What I have a problem with is he fracturing of membership that went on because in my opinion these other people like working for causes far too much. This is particularly evident with Mass Equality which still exists even though MA has had marriage equality for nearly six years now.

I fully understand that marriage equality will happen in RI. In either 2010 if I have my way of it, or 2011 when we have all new leadership. But I’ve already expressed my reservations about the endorsement of Rep. Gordon Fox for speaker. Fox is the openly gay house majority leader at the moment. And a piss poor one at that. Granted his opposition consists of two odious people, Rep. Greg Schadone of North Providence and Rep. Stephen Ucci of Cranston/Johnston. All the candidates are Democrats.

I understand (and have had to fight the battles) of the importance of working on a district level as opposed to a city/town level. And I’ve had to help MERI move in that direction.

The thing is, RI already has Employment, Housing and Credit non-discrimination in place for LGB people since 1996, T people since 2001. Marriage equality would to me be the final civil rights piece locally.

Granted we have work to do on the national level to get our legal unions recognized by the federal government. But that is something that none of these splinter groups in RI is capable of pushing forward.

Instead it is my opinion that they have social groups.

And more infuriating, Susan Heroux of QARI penned a piece in on RI Future Blog about how our opposition really aren’t bigots. I call bovine effluvia on that one. The people who oppose equality are bigots. I’m not calling those people names, it’s simply labeling someone for what they truly are.

And we all know one of my favorite bigots, Chris Young. I was so proud of myself when I yelled at him and said “Because you’re a bigot!” at the last marriage equality hearing in RI. It was very cathartic.

I cannot for the life of me understand the appeasement attitude represented in the article, or at least that is the take I get from it. . From that old Frank Sinatra song “My Way”: ” For what is a man, what has he got, if not himself then he has not, to say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels. The record shows, I took the blows and did it my way.”

It is apparent that the leadership of QARI doesn’t subscribe to the philosophy of old blue eyes.

I on the other hand call them as I see them.

And do keep in mind that I do moderate all comments.

And what I have stated here is factual. However, go spreading lies about me and you’ll find out just how nasty I can be.


1. wondermann - October 6, 2009

you are no joke

2. josh kilby - October 7, 2009

i whole heartedly agree!

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