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Highlights of my Email Exchange with Susan Heroux October 8, 2009

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I understand the need for a strong activist network. That is something that MERI simply cannot do though I’m making it easier for them to do so. This means giving district leaders a list of all the supporters in their district, or all the people in their district.

You do know that I theorize that the upstart groups including one I’m active with have a thread that says MERI is single issue. And I’ll continue that with the fact that some groups have a desire to keep the cause in perpetuity.

So I emailed Susan Heroux, the founder of Queer Action Rhode Island and asked what their group has done over the last three months other than hold a picnic?

This was her response:

Yeah, ’cause I feel such a need to justify myself to u. We have accomplished a lot in 3 mo. U can read our email newsletter to find out about that. I don’t recall anything you’ve accomplished except acting like an ass and giving our opponents things to hang their hats on.

Let me just say I find people who use SMS abbreviations in emails ridiculous. I consider it the height of laziness. Plus she’s using an iPhone so I know it auto-suggests based on the first few letters. It isn’t like you’re tapping on an itty bitty keyboard, if you flip your iPhone to the right the keyboard spaces out a little bit and the keys are easier to hit.

The other thing I need to point out is that an organization that holds itself out as a group agitating for equality really needs a leader with a little more class. Just that first line is clearly evident. What she doesn’t realize though is that I thrive on confrontation like that.

My response to Ms. Heroux:

Well, as the leader of QuARI, you could at least tell me what you’ve done to move equality forward. Instead you insist on ad hominem. Why not send me a copy of the email newsletter? But no, you felt the need to attack.

As to our opponents, I just want to ridicule them. Trying to engage them is the very definition of stupidity.

Nice going smartass.

I know, the last part was just a tad gratuitous but when you’re dealing with people like this you just have to let the derision shine through.

Now get this, just 19 minutes after I’d sent the above email I get this response:

The newsletter isn’t finished yet but should come out this week. When will u publish your accomplishments?

Do you see what I’m getting at here. First she’s all flippant about where I can get the info and then admits it isn’t’ finished yet. And btw, she could have abbreviated ‘your’ with ‘ur’. L8r L0ser.

I responded with this short list of my accomplishments, much more is available but I have a feeling it would be lost on Heroux.:

Getting MERI networked with computers etc.

Getting their entire mailing list districted so now they can reach out to people in a district as well as obtain funding.

Participating at hearings.

Attended rallies.

That’s just the things I’ve done.

So you mention the newsletter as if it is something I can find easily and then come out and say it isn’t finished yet. You could at least give a brief synopsis.

Our email exchange ended when she mentioned that karma was a bitch and I replied mine was a mother fucker. I suppose I’ll catch some flak for posting all this but you know that what lands in my inbox is mine to do with what I please including using it to ridicule alleged supporters of the cause of marriage equality.

Next time think a bit before you hit the fucking send button.



1. pierre - October 28, 2009

oh wow, what a self-righteous bitch.
Cheers from Digg, good luck on your quest (have my ax) 🙂

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