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Marriage Equality March in RI Today October 17, 2009

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So I attended the March for Marriage Equality here in Providence this morning and early afternoon.

And as Murphy would promise, the camera battery was dead. I hate when that happens but I need to get into the habit of charging it regularly. I find when I don’t use the flash the battery lasts a very long time. The minute I start using flash, forget it. So no pictures sorry to say.

The rally point was at Burnside Park in downtown Providence.

Burnside Park

Burnside Park

Burnside was the father of sideburns btw.

Anyhow the march proceeded down Exhange St, turned up on Francis street, did a short loop on Memorial Blvd then continue up to the south lawn of the RI State House. From there we did a lap around the State House perimeter before settling on the south steps of the State House.

State House Map

State House Map

Had a few speakers. We heard from one of our perennial supporters, Senator Rhoda Perry, as well as Rep. Frank Ferri, and the ever electrifying Ken Fish.

And it will go on with block parties this evening at the three downtown gay bars, Mirabar, Dark Lady, Alley Cat and even at Downcity Diner. Hopefully it’ll go well.

But I had to go to the bank so as I was walking towards Dorrance St. I noticed a bunch of people with signs, etc. At my vantage point I couldn’t see what was on the signs but then I caught sight of the replica sailing ship.

Dear non-existent deity, they were Tea Party idiots. I’d say there were perhaps 30 to 40 of them. Meanwhile we garnered about 160 people at the MERI event.



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