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GOP Brand Has Declined Since Obama Took Office, According To New Polling Data October 20, 2009

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Yeah but where did those who called themselves Republican go to? That’s the increase in independents. Which in one respect is good.

Here in RI a new party is rising up, it calls itself the Moderate Party of Rhode Island. They pretty much adopt a liberal social view, and a conservative business view.

Me, I’d like to see about 12 parties. Then it would force the politicians to build coalitions as well as deter the influence of business on government. Right now with just two parties (or three) it’s easy to buy favor. You just fund everyone. But spread it out and it becomes impractical.
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1. Larry Ohio - October 20, 2009

I completely agree with your logic about having a bunch of smaller parties and building coalitions. That’s how they do it in some other countries and it seems to work successfully. With the self-destruction of the GOP is now the time for a third or a fourth major party to be formed in the USA?

2. wondermann - October 21, 2009

that time is coming soon

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