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Some nicknames for the marriage opponents November 7, 2009

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The latest is Maggie Gallagher crowing about the ‘victory’ in Maine. I hate to remind her that a 5.5% margin isn’t a mandate.

And in the above video we see The Loathesome One looking doughy while spouting insincere statements. What she and her ilk really want is to see gay people driven back into the closet. And for that I say it loud and clear:

Fuck you Maggie Gallagher. Fuck you until the cows come home. Fuck you until we have full marriage equality in the United States. Because to deny us equality is to violate our Constitutional rights on both the federal and state levels.

And with that in mind I unveil my nicknames for the NOM’ers that I know.

I hereby dub Maggie Gallagher as Maggie “The Loathesome” Gallagher.

I hereby dub Brian Brown as Brian “Pumpkin Face” Brown.

I hereby dub Christopher Plante of NOM RI as Christopher “The Whore Plante”

So from this point forward if you here me reference Her Loathesomeness I’m referring to Gallagher. If I say Punin’ Face it’s Brown, and the Whore is Plante. Got that?



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