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Governor Carcieri's Veto of Burial Rights November 12, 2009

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It’s getting play over all the blogs I visit, as well as on the Pharyngula blog.

I should note, Science Blogs get read EVERYWHERE. Right now RI Governor Donald Carcieri is looking quite the fool, and the bigoted asshole that he is.

Sean Chapin does a nice video showing that Carcieri is violating the RI Constitution and should be impeached. How I’d love for that to be the case. Deny the bastard his last years in office.

For some reason Warwick mayor Scott Avedisian shows up toward the end of that video, but the point made is valid. I’ve already written both my state representative and state senator asking that we move to impeach the Governor. That would be a hell of a legacy, a state that’s cratering and to be impeached during the last year of your second term, would be utterly priceless.

It would be priceless because Carcieri styles himself as a Republican’s Republican. You know, throws right in with the neo-con right. To have his idiotic bigotry exposed and show publicly is embarrassing to all Rhode Islanders so impeach, impeach, impeach!



1. Larry Ohio - November 12, 2009

The Republicans and some Christian Churches are no longer trying to hide or even disguise their unmitigated hatred for the LGBT community. We started out as their whipping boy. We were used as something they could rally their people around so that they could then ask them for donations.

To keep the money flowing into the Party and Church coffers, they had to elevate us steadily from whipping boy to neighborhood menace to public enemy to where we are now: the most serious threat to civilization the world has ever known. They’ve run out of names to call us and atrocities to accuse us of. It won’t belong before their leadership recognizes that we are no longer the cash cow issue we used to be and just forgets about us and finds a new enemy. After what happened in Fort Hood, I wouldn’t be surprised if that new enemy is the Muslim American community.

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