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Rumination on Carcieri's sudden embrace of Domestic Partnerships November 13, 2009

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1. Thomas P. Seymour - November 14, 2009

Tony, don’t sugarcoat things, tell us how you REALLY feel about Governor Carcieri, jk/lol. All kidding aside, I liked your video message. Respectfully, however, if they could manage to come up w/ a “domestic partnership” and/or “civil union” or whatever it’s called, wouldn’t it be acceptable as long as it guarantees the same rights, benefits and liabilities of any other marriage contract? Yes, I also understand the “separate but equal” argument but isn’t a step in the right direction?


2. Larry Ohio - November 14, 2009

Good vid Tony. Yes, he’s a stooge, just like most politicians.
Domestic partnership = second class citizen
Civil union = second class citizen
“Everything but the word ‘marriage'” = second class citizen
Only full marriage = equality

3. wondermann - November 14, 2009

great video, remind me to never get on your bad side

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