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Books: Republican Gommorah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party December 1, 2009

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I love my public library. Even if they don’t have a particular book in the system they do put the record into the database so you can reserve a copy when the book arrives. So I was a bit surprised when I got the email that Max Blumenthal’s book “Republican Gomorrah: Inside The Movement That Shattered The Party”.

I’m about a third of the way through the book right now. It is a literal who’s-who of the right wing religious nutjobs in government and policy circles.

He starts the book out by talk about the roots of the movement that go back to a certain Mr. Rushdoony, then moves on through the various bigots and hot air machines. In the section I’m in right now he’s talking about Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council who got his start in the Council for National Policy.

I’m going to quote a paragraph from the book. This explains EVERYTHING. I’ve oft accused RI Governor Don Carcieri of suffering the same gestational issues.

Exhausted and anguished, Davis was impelled by his narrow escape from prison to “escape from freedom.” His freedom was a local televangelist named James Robison who was known as “God’s Angry Man.” Born to a rape victim who tried and failed to abort him, Robison grew into a dark-visaged draconian Pentecostal preacher who railed against gays and liberals with a degree of vitriol that even contemporaries such as Jerry Fallwell could not match. When his anti-gay rhetoric provoked the cancellation of his television show in 1979, Robison submitted to an exorcism procedure that he credited with delivering him from the dark demons dragging his career downward. He claimed afterward to have gained the power to deliver others from the hosts of darkness. (His personal assistant was a young evangelical minister from Arkansas named Mike Huckabee.)

So Robison survived an abortion attempt. But the real point of that whole quote, Mike Huckabee. Interesting bedfellows indeed.

The other thing I’m noting is that all of the known players on the side of the alleged religious right have their demons aplenty. Many are plain and simple criminals. The religious right has this way of forgiving your trespasses if you embrace the Christ. Does this not sound familiar?

The book touches on all the issues, the anti-gay, anti-sex, anti-abortion, and anti-equality camps. By equality I’m not talking marriage equality which they’re against anyhow, but racial equality.

It really is insanity by definition. Here’s another quote when the author discusses the abstinence only education pushed by the religious right.

These statistics should have discredited the movements morality machine once and for all. Instead, the exploding rate of sexually related disasters in evangelical communities has sustained the Christian right, enabling its activists to exploit personal crises for fundraising and recruitment drives. For every crisis pregnancy there is a crisis pregnancy center where anti-abortion activists propagandize vulnerable teenage girls. Because many of these are funded by Focus on the Family, the teens passing through their sterile back rooms may be presented with a copy of Brio! or given the popular tract by former Focus on the Family counselor Steve Arterburn, Every Young Woman’s Battle, a book that posits masturbation as a dangerous gateway drug, while unintentionally revealing its appeal. “Once you begin feeding baby monsters,” Arterburn warned, “their appetites grow bigger and they want MORE!” It’s better not to feed such a monster in the first place.

I’m getting the idea that a baby monster refers to the anatomical parts involved in masturbation. I note that Arterburn focuses on female masturbation yet says nary a word about male masturbation. How interesting.

And as far as it being a gateway drug, give me a break.

I find myself gape mouthed reading this book. In one part Leslee Unruh proclaims that heavy petting causes pregnancy. Is that batshit insane or what? Mrs. Unruh needs a biology refresher course. By her logic I should a hug would be considered enough to lead to pregnancy. If that last were the case I’d have a little league team of my own out there somewhere considering the number of women who’ve hugged me.



1. Stan in NH - December 5, 2009

It really did sound like a good read. I heard an interview on NPR about the book. I believe it was Max himself talking about his book. Too long to remember, but I really did think it would be fascinating to read. But I didn’t read it because Repubs scare me and I don’t want to give them any energy. Still “know thine enemy” after all.

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