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Introducing A Perennial Crank: Chris Young December 1, 2009

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You’ve seen me write about Chris Young before. He’s the one who keeps getting tossed out of events for essentially speaking/shouting out of turn. At the last marriage equality hearing I called him a bigot. That got him going to the point where the Capitol Police threw him out around 9PM.

And he’s making himself unwelcome once again as he’s escorted from Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s health care forum. Take a good look.

Young Tossed from Brown Health Care Event

Young Tossed from Brown Health Care Event

That’s Young his classy self being charged with disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. I need to get his DOB so I can see if he has any other court records. Doing a search on his name nets me individuals born in 1979, 1981, and 1985. I think he’s probably in his 30’s so 1979 would work. We’ll see – I added him to my friend on facebook so I can dig up the dirt because I think he’s stupid enough to post his DOB on there.

I’m told by others who’ve known of Young for many years that his particular form of crazy is recently emergent. I have a theory on that one.

I’ll just bet Young found religion and he’s trying to sublimate something with the religious bullshit. That something he’s trying to sublimate, I wonder if he might have latent homosexual tendencies.

I know people who were gay, found religion, thought they were straight and then bang, right back to the gay life. Some were like Young, viciously homophobic while others were just neutral on the whole thing.

And watching Young testify is interesting. He’s always disheveled, disorganized, and has poor verbal skills.

Did I mention he’s forever running for office here in RI? Yeah – funny how he never gets elected to office isn’t it.

And BTW, this is an update. I got his DOB. I have a copy of the entire voter database for the state so I queried his full name. He’s four years younger than me. He was born 10/11/1968. In the criminal history search I see someone by the same name born 1967. Unfortunately the criminal lookup doesn’t give full DOB.

And I’ve got the pukes phone number too. I’m so glad I’m a database guru.


1. Larry Ohio - December 1, 2009

“…I can dig up the dirt because I think he’s stupid enough to post his DOB on there.” OMG I should probably remove mine.

Why are we not FB friends? Do you not care enough about me to dig up my dirt too?

2. Mark in DE - December 2, 2009

Good for you for calling him a bigot in public!

3. wondermann - December 2, 2009


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