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If you're going to build a POS system December 7, 2009

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Make sure you build it right. The supermarket near me just upgraded it’s entire POS system a few weeks ago. All new registers, and a bigger display for the cashier. I really don’t know what benefit this gave them other than replacing hardware/software.

And ever since they’ve been having problems. Today I’m in there and they announce that the credit/debit machines are down and they can only take cash.

Being the express line is next to their computer room I saw worried looking techs (You can spot techs, the cell phones, bluetooth headset, jeans, button down or pull over shirt. ) trying to fix it.

Here’s how it works. From the register the credit card device just sends the card number and expiration date to the central server. The central server makes an SSL connection to a card processor like RBS, FDMS et al. Back in the day it used to dial up the card processor since you’re only transmitting 25 to 30 characters which goes like lightning even at 300bps.

But now everything is net connected. So an SSL connection is made, the processor makes another SSL connection to the card issuer (After doing a database dip on the first six to seven characters.)

So the problem had to be with their card processor. And I just bet it was either RBS or FDMS.


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