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Geek: I can see by infrared, how I hate the night! December 18, 2009

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The subject line of course from the great series of books by the late Douglas Adams. It was Marvin the Paranoid Android lamenting his ability to see in infrared.

A few years back a friend had given me a Hasbro/Tiger VCamNow. He was getting them on ebay for about $20 each. The camera is a 1.23MP still, and video at 640×480. I know that all cameras have an infrared filter built into them as the Charge Couple Devices (CCD) can see just fine in the infrared and even UV ranges.

Hasbro/Tiger VCamNow Camcorder

Hasbro/Tiger VCamNow Camcorder

It was fairly simple to modify. Just open it up, unscrew the lens assembly from the CCD and scrap the infrared coating off. I haven’t snapped the SD card into it yet, I’ve just been using the internal memory of the device. It definitely sees in infrared now.



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