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Movies: Who is Kaspar Carr – Street Thief February 20, 2010

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If you have a Netflix account just click here.

That said, it’s a documentary about a Chicago thief by the name of Kaspar Carr. Carr agreed to let the documentary makers film his exploits. About mid-way through the movie though Carr decides to hit a nightclub. It’s totally off his M.O. He only cased the place for three days and even the filmmakers were a little weirded out by his cavalier attitude.

When Carr does the nightclub job he’s all weird. The guy is a professional thief, has all the gear, the knowledge, etc. But this again is out of character.

He does one more job with the filmmakers, he hits a movie theater for over $100,000. After this the filmmakers don’t hear from Kaspar. They go by his warehouse one day and there are police vehicles all over the place.

The filmmakers call every police district and none of them have Carr in custody.

Turns out they found Carr’s Mercedes-Benz with all the doors open, blood on the seat and ground, and his personal effects strewn on the ground nearby.

To this date they haven’t found his body. I should mention that the nightclub robbery was NEVER reported to the police and owned by a gentleman with a very Ukrainian name. I’m thinking Ukrainian or Russian Mob.

The eastern European and Russian mobs are a tad bit more malicious than the Italian mob of years ago. And it would fit entirely in their profile to disappear a person who has wronged them.

Now earlier in the film the filmmakers ask what he’d be if he wasn’t a thief. He tells them that’s all he wants to be is a thief. But a little later on he theorizes he could be a good cook.

Leads me to two theories:

1) Carr was murdered because he robbed the wrong nightclub.


2) Carr staged his own murder.

Either one has a high probability.



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