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Providence Police to implement random drug testing for officers March 8, 2010

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Here it comes!

You’ve seen my right about what it’s like for police officers. It’s a job that has sheer amounts of boredom mixed with fleeting moments of excitement.

Back in the day when they still had a multitude of paddy wagons on the streets. Today you don’t see them on the streets anymore. Too expensive to run I suppose. But those were a great place for the cops to get their freak on. As a kid I remember there was Mobil station up the block that was also a convenience store. It’s now a Walgreens but suffice to say one of the girls that worked at the Mobil station LOVED cops. I mean loved em’. You’d go up to buy a drink and the door would be locked. On the other side of the gas station you’d see a PPD van rocking like crazy.

But as I said, not as many on the road today. So what do you do to alleviate the boredom? You either let it burn bright, or you let it burn dim. Coke or weed.

I suspect if they tested the entire force they’d be in for a nasty shock. I’m reasonably certain that something approaching half the cops do illicit drugs. The other half drink themselves silly.

We’ll see what happens. The current number of cops on suspension is now up to 8, 1 of them the detective who beat the restrained subject.


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