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National Grid Plays Nicely with Wind Power March 10, 2010

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

At a rate of 24.4 cents per kWh with a 3.5% annual increase in the rate.

I’m sort of beside myself here. I think National Grid should be broken into a million tiny little pieces because this is what happens when you allow an unregulated entity to run the electric grid in the Boston metro area and the state of RI.

That 24.4 is just the energy charge, not the transmission and distribution. That will tack on another 9 to 11 cents per kWh so enjoy your 35 cent per kWh.

Here is what I don’t understand. To make wind power attractive it should cost LESS than natural gas, oil, coal and even nuclear. It’s majority of expense is capital expenditure. They’re not paying volatile fuel prices, so why so damned expensive? I’ll tell you why, collusion with National Grid, that’s why.

Wind represents a disruptive threat to National Grid. As I posted a couple years ago, I wouldn’t put it past National Grid to lobby for a bill to force us to use carbon emitting sources.

And what if people just reject that 24.4 cent rate? Where will the owners of Cape Wind be then? So National Grid wins whether it succeeds or doesn’t succeed. Nice little scheme.



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