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Movies: Far From Heaven March 15, 2010

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Interesting movie. It’s set in 1957 Connecticut. The cars, the wardrobe, everything was well done.

It’s about a woman who finds out that her husband is screwing around with men. Prior to this discovery she and her husband were the social toast of the town.

She discovers his dirty little secret one night when she decides to bring him dinner at the office. He’s half dressed and making out with another guy. Miss honey just looks in shock then turns and runs, dropping din-din on the floor of the office. Now who’s gonna clean up that mess!

Of course she convinces her husband to see a doctor. They try aversion therapies, and of course they don’t work. But in the meantime the husband is given some R&R from work and they go down to Miami.

They’re down by the pool when the wife realizes she left her book upstairs in the room. Now when the husband was going into the pool he noticed and made eye contact with a blond boy probably early 20’s that was there with is family.

Hubbie jumps up and tells wife that he’ll go get the book. He’s in the room door open when said blond boy pops up at the door, rubbing his hand down his torso suggestively.

Next thing you know they’re back from Miami and the wife arrives home one night to see the husband on the couch sobbing. Apparently he’s been carrying on an affair with the guy and he’s fallen in love with him.

Where the movie gets interesting is who the wife confides in, her black gardener. Being 1957 seeing the racial attitudes really irked the hell out of me. For example, how the woman’s ‘friends’ cluck about her friendship with the gardener. Or how the two worlds of black and white are kept so neatly apart.

More interesting about this movie is that it was Executive Produced by one George Clooney.

The movie came out in 2002 so I wonder how it escaped my notice back then. Probably a direct to DVD which is a shame because it is a very good movie.

And either Clooney is hiding in plain sight, or his main focus was the racism issue. One does wonder.



1. Kyle - March 22, 2010

We loved this film. I’ve watched it several times and we finally added it to the film collection. It deserves more attention; I’m not sure why it doesn’t have more universal exposure.

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